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” I said亚洲乱色熟女一区二区三区麻豆

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” I said亚洲乱色熟女一区二区三区麻豆

Submissive Incest Mind ControlA Story of the Institute of Apotheosis ResearchChapter Six: Daughter's Ultimate SubmissionBy mypenname3000Copyright 2018Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!Such pride surged through me as Daddy led us out of the massage parlor, his hands clutching our leashes. Every time he tugged on it, my clit flared with pleasurable pain. The black leash clipped onto the thick, gold ring pierced through my bud and nestled between my folds of my snatch.Proof that I was Daddy's sex slave.I walked between my submissive mother and my half-sister Georgia. All three of us were naked (well, Mom wore her black corset, lifting her round breasts into delicious mounds, and her thigh-high, heeled boots), our fat nipples and clits freshly pierced, marked by my dominating Daddy. Though I had mind control powers, I gave myself to my parents.To my daddy.I loved the kiss of the warm sun on my naked breasts as we stepped out of the tattoo parlor onto the street. The foot traffic passing us froze at the sight of us, guys grinning and women gasping. I shuddered, juices running out of my pussy, my asshole full of Daddy's cum. I licked my lips, tasting my mother and half-sister's pussy juices. I ate them both out, soothing their freshly pierced clits with my tongue and the nanites inside my body given to me by the Halo.“Nudity is something wonderful to see,” I ordered the people we passed, banishing shock from their faces. “BDSM is amazing. Women, you need to be your lovers' slaves. You need to worship your man with your body. Whether it's your husband, your boyfriend, your father, or even your brother. Incest is wonderful. And men, you need to dominate and love your women. Spank them when they're naughty. Use their bodies to satiate your cock. Make them cum and cum then coat their bodies in your jizz.”My thoughts prickled as I rewrote the morals of the people around me, using my artificial goddess powers to educate. It was so delicious watching eyes widen in realization. The pain wasn't as bad as it was earlier. The more I used my powers, the easier it became.“Incest is amazing,” I told a daughter walking with her father as we headed back to the family's minivan. “You are your Daddy's sex slave. You want nothing more than to please him with your body. It makes you so wet to be spanked by him. To pleasure him. You want to suck his cock and let him fuck your tight cunt. And you, Daddy, you want to dominate your daughter. You want to fuck her body. Her pussy. Her asshole. You want her to drink your cum with her pretty mouth. When she's bad, you have to spank her and tie her up and do any naughty things you want to her.”The father and daughter shuddered as my thoughts prickled. I knew they would be so happy.Daddy glanced back at me, nodding his head in approval. He tugged on the leashes, making the three of us all gasp in delight, my half-sister Georgia shuddering beside me, her larger tits jiggling. My pussy clenched at the flare of delicious pain.“Mmm, you made her so happy, young lady,” Mom said. “And him, too.”Georgia nodded her head, her brassy hair sparkling in the sunlight. She grabbed my ass and gave me a pinch. “Just making every girl into a submissive slut like you.”“Yep,” I said, loving my power. “I made you into one, and you love it.”“I do,” she sighed.I shivered. My powers were so intoxicating. But I had to be careful about using my mind control. I was already bad once today. I grew angry at the owner of the tattoo parlor. I made Jim into his sex slave's submissive, reversing their roles. Daddy promised to punish me tonight for it.But before then, we had shopping to do. We were heading to a sex shop so Georgia and I could have sexy corsets and thigh-high boots like my mother. Then we were getting Daddy a new Mustang to replace the one I wrecked yesterday.It meant so much walking. So many opportunities to pass on the good news.“You want to be your boyfriend's sex slave,” I grinned at a beautiful woman a few years older than me, tingles racing across my thoughts.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Deidre Icke, President of the Institute of Apotheosis, shivered as she knelt bound next to her eighteen-year-old daughter, Alexis. She glanced at her daughter, both of them grinning in delight at the ropes crisscrossing their body. Their men had mastered shibari, the Japanese art of rope bondage. Deidre loved the hemp cables squeezing her breasts into delicious mounds before her, her nipples hard and thick, her arms secured behind her back same as her daughter's.Her son brought his cock to his twin sister's mouth. Alexis swallowed Alex's dick with ease, sucking so hard on it, bobbing her head while her body twitched. Pride shivered through Deidre as her daughter pleased her son.Then her ex-husband brandished his cock for Deidre. She shuddered, glad that the new Gods had repaired their relationship. She understood now. She was such a wanton cunt for cheating on him. Her place was to serve him. To love him. She found such joy in it as she sucked on his cock.Her cheeks hollowed as her eyes watched the new Goddess Bess parade down the road, lead by her Daddy, her Master. The barely legal Goddess looked so happy as she spread her message of submission and incestuous love.I wish you were here to see it, Deidre thought, missing her guru, the man who invented the halo and envisioned the new Gods and Goddesses changing the world.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I knelt before the door wearing my new corset. It felt so wicked feeling the black leather snug tight about my torso, emphasizing my hourglass figure and lifting my small breasts giving them more shape. My pierced nipples ached, my hands wanting to touch them. To play with them. My pussy dripped with juices. A day spent naked in public, led by my daddy's leash attached to my clit, made my pussy drip.Georgia knelt beside me, her hands behind her back like mine were. We weren't bound, but keeping our hands back there because Daddy ordered it. It was sexier forcing myself to keep my hands behind me then being bound. It required my active submission to stay good.I loved it.I shivered, hearing the footsteps approach the door. I was so eager for tonight. Aunt Louisa, my mother's sister and Georgia's mother, was coming over along with her husband, my Uncle Wayne. Until last night, Georgia and I both thought Uncle Wayne was her father.But he was impotent and let my daddy breed his wife at the same time he bred my mother. Or near enough. Georgia was a few months older than me.Daddy stood behind us. I could feel him looming. I licked my lips as the two figures reached the door. I could feel them on the other side. I was so ready to make Uncle Wayne accept the loss of his wife to Daddy. I would make him happy to give up Aunt Louisa. She was my daddy's sex slave. He didn't deserve to share his women with another man like he had before.Mom opened the door.“Incest is acceptable,” I ordered my aunt and uncle at the first moment, my thoughts tingling for a moment as the words blurted out of my mouth.“Yes, it is,” Uncle Wayne said after shaking his head, accepting my commands. Then he smiled at my mother and said, “Slut,” calling my mother by the name Daddy used on her.My jaw dropped at the ease the tall man with brown hair called my mother by her sex slave name. Then he reached out and, with familiarity, grabbed my mom's ass and squeezed it like he owned her. Like he thought he was her master and had the right to touch her. The anger surged out of me. I bounced to my feet, my small breasts jiggling as I faced my uncle and my beautiful aunt. She gasped in shock, surprise spilling across a face shaped similar to my mother's at the sight of my naked body. But what swelled my fury was the way my asshole uncle dared to stare at my naked beauty with such lust.I was Daddy's sex slave!“Uncle Wayne, you're now our pathetic, cuckold house slave!” I hissed, the anger boiling through me. “You don't ever touch us. Me, Georgia, your wife, and my mother are all off-limits to you! You're not a man! You're a little beta male! A wimpy cuckold! My Daddy bred your wife! He knocked her up! He owns her pussy! She's his whore! Only his! You can't ever touch her. Touch us! Your dick can't even get hard! You're that pathetic! Aunt Louisa, you never want Uncle Wayne to touch you. You're only Daddy's sex slave! You love only him! Serve only him! Uncle Wayne, all you can do is watch Daddy use us and serve us as our house slave! Now strip your woman naked right now so Daddy can—”A strong hand clamped over my mouth from behind as my thoughts burned. Daddy cut off my commands. My eyes widened in realization. I wasn't supposed to do this. I wasn't supposed to give these orders. I just got so angry and...My body shook. The rage boiling through me evaporated in a moment. I quivered as Daddy kept his hand clamped so tight over my mouth. Tears burned my eyes as my body shook. Emotion overwhelmed me. The shudders rattled my body, a hitching sob building in my chest.I was bad again. I kept being a naughty girl. Not a good young lady. I had to stop being dominant and using my powers.Daddy hauled me out of the living room, leaving Uncle Wayne to strip my blue-eyed aunt naked, exposing her busty breasts and the matching corset to my mother's she wore hidden beneath her loose dress. I had a last glimpse of Wayne on his knees, pulling off his wife's panties before Daddy dragged me down the hallway.He brought me into the bathroom, shoving me through the door. He wasn't gentle. I could feel his anger at me, his disappointment, as he thrust me before the mirror. I gasped, my black hair, gathered in a braid, falling off my shoulder and spilling down my back. My small breasts jiggled. My green eyes swam with tears. Hitching shivers wracked my body. Daddy's hand muffled my sobs.I wanted to tell him I was sorry, to beg for his forgiveness. His strong face, tight with his anger at me, loomed over my shoulder. I felt his strong body pressing into me, his cock against my ass. I deserved to be spanked so hard for being a bad girl. I did it again. I used my powers when I wasn't supposed to. But it was just so easy. I could do anything with my powers. I could make anyone do anything. I wanted to change everyone. I wanted to give orders. But... I was Daddy's sex slave. I shouldn't do anything without his permission.Tears spilled down my cheeks and ran down to his hand. Daddy released my mouth.“I'm so sorry, Daddy,” spilled out of my lips the moment I could speak, my words choked by my fear. “I got so mad when he touched Mom's ass and... and... I'm such a bad girl. I try.. But... But...”“Young lady,” Daddy growled, his voice so strong, so commanding, “look at yourself in the mirror.”Through bleary eyes, I did. A snuffling shiver ran through me as I stared at myself, my green eyes reddened by tears. They made tracts down my cheeks, the tip of my nose red. I stared so hard at myself, wanting to be a good young lady.“Concentrate on yourself,” Daddy said. “Focus all your will on yourself.”I did, my tears slowing. My sobs dwindling. I bent all my focus on myself, staring so hard darkness fuzzed at the edge of my vision. My perception shrank down into tunnel. Only my reflection mattered.“Now repeat after me,” Daddy whispered into my ear, his voice quiet yet powerful. His hands cupped my breasts, fingers brushing my nipple rings. Tingles raced through me as he said, “'I will never give a command again without Daddy's permission.'”A shiver ran through me, my pussy clenching. It was the ultimate act of surrender. To utterly give the reigns of my mind control powers, the ability to do whatever I wanted, to my daddy. To devote myself to him with every ounce of my soul. I didn't have to do this. I could order him to love it when I gave commands. To be happy that I turned Uncle Wayne into a pathetic cuckold, to punish the man for daring to touch my mother.It would be so easy. But... then I wouldn't be submissive. I wouldn't be his sex slave. I would control him. A daughter shouldn't control her parents. Her daddy.“I will never give a command again without Daddy's permission,” I said, speaking the words with all my conviction.The moment the words left my mouth, my thoughts tingled as I felt my mind changing. I experienced what every one else did. My command settled into my own mind and... and it felt so right. I never should give a command again. Not without Daddy telling me to. My powers were his to use when he felt like it. I had no urge now to order him to love what I did to Uncle Wayne. A smile spread on my lips.I was his slave forever now. I wiggled in his embrace, rubbing my ass against his hard cock. Incestuous desire surged through me. I wanted him to fuck me right now but... I didn't feel the urge to give him the command. I didn't have to war with myself to resist my powers. I didn't have to fight that allure.“Thank you, Daddy,” I said, such joy surging through me.“Your mother and I always knows what's best for you, young lady,” Daddy whispered in my ear. His dick slipping between the cheeks of my butt, nestling between them. He felt so hard. He needed to use me. I was so ready for him, pussy juices flowing down my thighs.“Let me satiate you with my body,” I moaned, squeezing my butt-cheeks around his dick. “Please, Daddy, use me. You're so hard. My holes are ready for you.”“But you've been a bad girl,” Daddy said, grabbing my nipple piercings and tugging hard on both rings. Pain flared in my nubs, shooting down to my hot cunt. It only made me wetter. Made my cunt ache more for my Daddy's cock. “And what happens to bad girls?”“They're punished by their parents,” I whimpered.“Follow.”Daddy pulled away from me, releasing my nipple rings. I groaned, missing his cock being sandwiched between my butt-cheeks. I wiped at my cheeks and followed after him, my stomach tensing. What would my punishment be this time? He already planned on disciplining me for my naughty behavior earlier.Now I was bad again.My aunt was stripped down to a leather corset similar to my own. She knelt between my mom and her daughter, Georgia. A tingle raced through me at the naughty, incestuous sight of the women of my family quivering for Daddy as he entered behind me. Wayne slinked in the corner, the wimpy cuckold watching his wife thrusting her large tits, the biggest in the family, out at Daddy, her fat nipples looking so bare. They needed to be pierced.Daddy seized my black braid and yanked me into the center of the living room. I gasped as I stood beneath the fan. It was a custom job that hid a hook Daddy could suspend a bound woman from. My parents used to have to hide their BDSM lifestyle from me. Learning my mother was a submissive explained so much about me and my desires.“Slut, fetch the rope and floggers,” Daddy growled as he grabbed my hands and lifted them above my face.“Yes, Father,” Mom purred. She rose with smooth action, her round breasts jiggling before her.She hurried out of the room, her rump swaying. She was such a good sex slave. She didn't do naughty things like I did. But I didn't have to worry about that any longer. It was such a weight off my shoulders not to have any control over my powers. Daddy made all my decisions for me. Even though I was about to be punished, such excitement surged through me.Mom returned with a coil of rope and handful of floggers, the leather straps each different colors and thicknesses. One had purple floggers with thin streamers while another had bright red straps that were nearly as thick as my wrist. “Father,” she purred, thrusting the rope at Daddy.He seized it and set to work. With skill, he tied my wrists hard together, the rough fibers biting into my flesh. I savored the burning pain, trembling as he threaded the rope through the hook and then pulled it taut, stretching my arms above my head. He anchored the rope to the foot of the heavy entertainment system. I shuddered, my small breasts quivering. I felt so exposed with my arms over my head.“Strip her corset, whore,” Daddy snarled.“Yes, Father,” Aunt Louisa purred.My aunt rose with equal grace, moving with all the poise of a submissive slave. She, too, wanted to please my daddy. I couldn't help smiling as Georgia watched her mother scurry to obey. All four of Daddy's slaves were together the way we were meant to be. My busty aunt moved around behind me. She unlaced my corset. I groaned as it released its grip on my torso. Loosened, she pulled it down my body, my new boots creaking as I stepped out of it.I felt even more exposed now. Naked save for my thigh-high boots, I quivered. Pussy juices ran down my thighs. The hot trickle made me whimper. I groaned, as Daddy moved around me, his thick cock so hard.“Hand out the floggers, slut,” Daddy growled, holding out his hand.Mom placed the flail with the thickest straps in his hand. He gripped it, the tails swaying as he stared at me. My heart beat faster, the tension growing in me. Mom handed the purple-tailed one to my aunt and a black-tailed one to my half-sister. Georgia rose, her round tits jiggling before her. She, too, had juices running down her thighs.“You've been so naughty, Bess,” my half-sister said, such an eager grin swelling across her lips. She smacked the flogger into her hand, the thudding sound making me shiver. “You deserve to be punished.”“I do,” I moaned, wiggling my hips. “Spread those thighs, young lady,” Daddy said as he moved around me, flicking the tails of his flogger.I shuddered and moved my feet apart. I felt my pussy exposed to all their gazes. My aunt, my mom, and my half-sister all licked their lips, staring at me with such lust. They all wanted to love me. To feast on me. To share such incestuous passion with me.But first they had to punish me.My family circled me. They moved around me, the four flails swishing through the air. I whimpered, pulling at the ropes holding my arms above my body. My hips wiggled, my pussy growing hotter and hotter. I kept moving my head, trying to keep track of all four of them as they moved around me, Daddy's cock so hard.But I couldn't keep them all in my sight. I whimpered, my heart racing. When would the first blow come? Who would spank me first? Daddy? Or would one of his slaves strike first? Air stirred around me, churned by their flicking of the flails. The currents caressed my body, stimulating my skin.I felt so aware of my body. I could feel every inch of me waiting. The carpet was thick beneath my feet. The rough fibers of the rope bit into my wrist. My nipples were so hard, throbbing with the pounding beat of my heart. My pussy ached to be filled. I wanted my Daddy's cock in me. Fucking me. I wanted him to pound me.My ass wiggled, begging to be whipped. I deserved to be punished. But when would it come? I whimpered, the tension building and building in me. My entire body shuddered, my heavy nipple rings pulling on my nubs, stimulating them. Tingles raced through my body.It was growing so unbearable.My whimpers grew louder and louder. I whined, staring at my daddy as he circled me, his muscular body so strong. Uncle Wayne watched from the corner, looking so pathetic, wanting to join in but not allowed to.“P-please, Daddy,” I moaned. “I... I need to be spanked.”“Why?” he demanded.“Because I was a bad girl,” I groaned. “I used my powers without your permission. I gave orders I shouldn't have. I made Uncle Wayne into a cuckold, and Jim into his wife's sex slave. My powers are yours, Daddy. I never should give commands without your permission.”“That's right,” Daddy growled. “Good young ladies obey their parents. Their daddies.”“Yes!” I moaned. “That's why I need to be whipped.” I shivered. “Please, Daddy, punish me. Let your sex slaves discipline my wicked flesh.”Daddy walked out of my sight. I quivered, feeling him behind me. I threw a look over my shoulder, my braided hair swaying across my back. I shivered, staring at his naked form. He smacked the flail into his hand.The thudding sound made my pussy clench.I groaned again, my entire body trembling. I needed to be spanked. I was so glad I couldn't give commands or I would be bad again. My pussy dripped with molten passion. The rope creaked through the living room, twisting about my wrist as I squirmed. I tracked Daddy as he moved around me, his eyes staring at me. He smacked the flail into his hand again, my ass clenching, aching to feel that kissing my rump and—CRACK!Pain flared across my back. One of the floggers wielded by my fellow sex slaves struck me at the shoulder, burning striping my back. I gasped, throwing a look over my shoulder and witnessing my mother's tits heaving, a big grin on her face as she—SMACK!Pain blossomed across my tits. My nipple throbbed as the thick straps whipped my breasts. My head snapped around, staring at Daddy as he grinned at me. I whimpered, the agony flowing through my body to my hot cunt, making me—CRACK!My aunt's flail landed on my rump, kissing me with burning fire. I rose on my tiptoes, my breasts jiggling. I swayed, the rope creaking above me. Pain throbbed across my body,中文字幕人妻丝袜乱一区三区 pulsing where the three floggers had whipped my body and—SMACK!Georgia's flail hit my side, wrapping around my flesh to sting the side of my stomach. I sucked in a breath, moaning as the rapturous pain surged through me. My body swayed, rope biting into my wrist, adding more sensations to the agony rippling through me.CRACK!SMACK!CRACK!SMACK!The thudding, whipping impacts hit my body from all sides. My family disciplined me. My daddy, my mom, my aunt, and my half-sister all flogged me. I gasped and moaned, drinking in the different feel of each flail. The sharp sting of the narrow flail to the thudding impacts of the wide ones.The tails landed on my rump, my sides, my back, my upper thighs, my tits. They kissed my body with pain over and over. I screamed, my head arching, my body trembling. The heat seared me with such wondrous agony. My body drank it in. It fed my pussy.My cunt grew hotter and hotter. Juices flooded down my thighs.“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned, my voice thick with the pain. Tears fell down my cheeks. It hurt so badly. I loved it. The pain.The agony.The thudding impacts.The punishment.I deserved this.CRACK!I was naughty.SMACK!I was wicked.CRACK!The pain blossomed across every inch of my body.SMACK!My ass burned with such delicious pain.CRACK!My nipples throbbed from the bruising impacts.SMACK!Welts puckered my skin, striping me in beautiful red.CRACK!I could feel my daddy's strong eyes on me, his cock so hard as he whipped me.SMACK!Pussy juices stained my fellow sex slave's thighs, turned on by the incestuous delight of my flogged body.CRACK!I swayed and groaned as they covered my body in burning stripes. The flails thudded on my stomach, whipped my tits, cracked across my back, and smacked my rump. The pain transformed in my cunt into pleasure, building and building my pleasure.My orgasm.I shuddered, fighting against the rapture begging for my surrender. It would be so easy to let the pain carry me off into a new realm. To drift through ultimate ecstasy. But I was being punished. I couldn't cum yet. I needed permission.Then, as if Daddy knew the struggle brewing in me, his flail swished up between my thighs.He whipped my pussy.“Daddy!” I howled at the pain exploding across the delicate lips of my cunt, my labia drinking in the thudding agony. My clit throbbed, my piercing twisting and stimulating my bud from the inside. “Oh, god, Daddy!”“You've been such a bad girl,” he growled, voice thick as my body trembled. My fellow sex slaves whipped the rest of my body as I stared at my daddy.“So bad!” I moaned, fresh tears pouring down my cheeks, so cool against my hot flesh. I whimpered, squirming, my pussy begging for more. The pain was so close to rapture. Only a knife's edge separated the two.SMACK!He whipped my naughty cunt again.The fail kissed my pussy lips with fiery agony. My breasts heaved as my entire body bucked. I hardly felt the other floggers thudding across my body. The pain of their impacts dwindled before the searing rapture burning through my pussy. My cunt clenched. I wanted to cum. I begged to cum. The pain was so sweet. My hair swayed down my burning body. My stinging ass clenched. My tits heaved as my half-sister slammed her fail across them.“Look at you,” Daddy said, just watching as his slaves disciplined my naughty flesh. “You want to cum, don't you?”“So badly, Daddy!” I howled, my pussy quivering. As the tears flooded down my cheeks, my cream ran down my thighs. I shuddered, sobs and moans bursting from my mouth. “May I... May I cum?”“No.”He flicked his wrist with expert skill. His fail swished upward, hissing through the air.CRACK!My pussy drank in more agony. It transformed into ecstasy inside of me. Stars danced across my eyes. Darkness fuzzed around the edges of my vision, seeking to devour my sight as I stared at his strong face. My toes curled against the carpet as I warred against my instincts. I wanted to cum. Needed to cum.But I would be a good girl. I would endure. For my daddy.“Look at the naughty girl quiver,” Mom moaned.“Mmm, she wants to explode so badly,” Aunt Louisa purred. “Her body's just aching for it.”“She's such a slut, Mom,” Georgia moaned. “Mmm, my slutty sister.”“Such a slut,” I whimpered, my pussy throbbing with bruised delight. “Please, Daddy, please, may I cum?”“No.”I shuddered at the iron in his words. His flail flicked upward again, cracking across my pussy. The wet, thudding impact echoed through the living room. My screams followed. I squeezed my eyes shut, fighting against my orgasm.I wanted to cum so badly. The agony flowed into rapture. My pussy clenched so hard, forcing out more of my juices to flood down my thighs. The ropes creaked over my head. I gasped, my fingers clenching so hard. I wanted to be bad. I wanted to give in to my body's needs.I. Would. Be. Good.I grit my teeth, groaning through them as I swayed. My entire body throbbed and ached. Pulses of pain beat with my body. I felt so striped. Almost every inch of me hurt, the agony so sweet. I pulled on the ropes, pain flaring in my wrists. I wanted to be free. I wanted to be fucked. I wanted to cum.“Please, let me cum, Daddy!” I screamed. “Oh, god, I need it.”“Yes, you do,” Daddy said, his voice coming from behind me.A thick finger stroked along a welt painting my ass. I sucked in a hissing breath against the pain. He crossed over my crack to stroke my other cheek. He followed the puckered welt around to my hip. Then his finger reached my belly, finding a new line of pain to follow down to my shaved pubic mound.To my clit's piercing.I gasped as he grabbed the ring threaded through my throbbing bud. My clit felt so swollen. By the pain. By the pleasure. He tugged on it, making my entire body jiggle. Another flare of agony assaulted my pussy. I moaned as I fought against my orgasms.“You want to cum so badly,” Daddy said. “But you're not. Why?”“I want to be your good girl,” I moaned, my entire body shaking. Fresh sobs racked me, my shoulders trembling. My words grew choked. “N-not your... bad girl... Your good girl...”His cock pressed against my welted rump, the tip sliding across my stripes of pain leaving cooling precum behind. I felt his incestuous need for my eighteen-year-old body. His cock dipped into the crack of my ass, nuzzling past my asshole as he moved it lower and lower until he found my throbbing labia.Agony and need pulsed through my engorged pussy lips. I whimpered as he slid the thick tip of his cock up and down my abused cunt. He twisted my clit piercing as he found the entrance to my pussy. I quivered, wanting him to penetrate me.“Use my b-body, Daddy,” I said, my voice still thick with pain. My entire body hurt so wonderfully. “Let my n-naughty cunt satiate your dick.”He pressed his cock an inch forward into my snatch. I groaned at the wondrous pleasure sweeping through me, feeding my growing orgasm. My cunt clenched on him. I wiggled my hips, stirring the crown around in the entrance of my pussy. I ached to be filled by him.“Are you going to cum if I slide my dick into all the way into your pussy, young lady?” Daddy asked, keeping only the tip in me.“Only if you t-tell me I can,” I moaned. “I'm your slut, Daddy. Your whore. Use me. Dump your jizz in me! I don't have to cum to serve you. To be your good girl.”He tugged on my clit piercing. I squeezed my eyes shut, fighting against he pleasure. It was so hard not to cum. It would be so easy to surrender. But I wouldn't. I tossed my head back and forth as I warred against my climax.“That's right,” Daddy cooed into my ear. “Good girls only cum when their masters allow it.”“And you're such a good girl, young lady,” Mom moaned.“Yes,” Aunt Louisa moaned.I blinked and realized my mom had her arm around her sister, their bodies squeezed tight, her right breast pressed into Aunt Louisa left tit. Thenmom moaned, turned her head and kissed her sister on the mouth, sharing in that lesbian incest they always wanted to indulge in but couldn't because they thought it was wrong. Even though they played BDSM together, sharing my daddy, they never touched each other.But now they could because I was a goddess. A submissive goddess who would be such a good girl to her daddy. “I'll never be bad again, Daddy. Please, just use my body. You're so hard. You need to cum.”“You do, Daddy,” my half-sister whimpered as she stood beside our kissing mothers. “I can satiate you if Bess isn't good enough. I don't have to cum, either. I just want to make you happy, Daddy.”Mom broke her kiss with her sister. “We all just want to make you happy, Father.”“Mmm, yes,” Aunt Louisa moaned, her blue eyes fluttering, her large tits swaying. She licked her lips, a smile growing on them. “This is so delicious, Father.”“Yes, it is,” Daddy growled. “You don't have to cum to please me, Bess, but it makes me happy when you do. You can orgasm as much as you want, young lady. I forgive you for being naughty.”Daddy thrust his cock to the hilt into my pussy.Incestuous rapture exploded through my cunt.“Thank you, Daddy!” I howled as my orgasm erupted through me.My pussy spasmed on his dick. My flesh convulsed about him as I swayed and shuddered. My moans echoed through the living room. My back arched, rubbing into my daddy's strong chest. Juices gushed down my thighs as my cunt worshiped his dick.I spasmed about him as he drew back, the ecstasy quivering through my body. The silky friction of his dick sliding through my cunt added more rapture to the bliss flowing out through me. It bathed my mind, stars bursting across my vision. They danced and swirled before me as I swayed, my shoulders burning, my wrists pulling on the restraint.Daddy buried back into my convulsing cunt.“Fuck, you have such a hot pussy, young lady,” Daddy groaned, his crotch smacking into my welted ass. The pain flared, mixing with the rapture boiling through my snatch. “Just sucking at my cock.”“It wants to please you, Daddy!” I howled as the waves of ecstasy inundated my mind, each one triggered by his dick slamming into my quivering cunt. “It wants you to cum in me. To breed me like you bred Mom and Aunt Louisa!”“Yes!” he snarled, thrusting harder, his balls smacking into my pierced clit with heavy thuds.I groaned as his hands cupped my welted tits, jiggling my small boobs. My aunt and mom looked on with such hunger in their eyes. They licked their lips. I quivered beneath their incestuous lust, my pussy rejoicing about my daddy's cock slamming over and over into my convulsing cunt.My mom and aunt broke apart and flowed to me. The older women leaned over and sucked on my pierced nipples. My nubs ached and throbbed in their hungry mouths. Their tongues played with my nipples rings, batting them, twisting them, stimulating my nubs. Tingles raced down to my pussy, adding to the boiling rapture quivering through my flesh.“Yes, yes, yes!” I whimpered, my eyes squeezing shut, overwhelmed by the pleasure. Orgasm after orgasm rippled through my whipped body. My breasts throbbed in Daddy's squeezing hand, my rump drinking in the thudding impact of his crotch every time he rammed into me. “It's incredible. I love you all!”“Mmm, we love you, too, young lady,” Mom moaned before she sucked on my right nipple again, engulfing my fat nub and piercing with her hungry mouth.She sucked so hard.I groaned, squirming, my pussy spasming so hard on my daddy's thrusting dick. My mom and aunt's mouths felt so similar and yet so different on my nipples. They both sucked and played with my nub, but Aunt Louisa fluttered her tongue faster, flicking my piercing up and down so fast. The gold ring stimulated my nub from the inside, increasing the pleasure.Whimpers burst from my mouth, caused by my daddy's plunging cock and the two hot mouths sucking on my nipples. Pleasure flowed through my body and drowned my mind. My body bucked and quivered, pulling on the rope overhead. The hemp creaked as I twisted my wrists, aching to be free. I was glad I was bound.Then a new delight engulfed my clit. A pair of hot lips sucked on my pierced bud. I gasped, eyes widening in realization. My half-sister nursed at my clit, her tongue playing with my ring. Her chin rubbed in to my labia as Daddy fucked me so hard. She stimulated my bud, sending me to new heights of rapture.I came even harder.“Oh, my fucking god, yes!” I screamed as fuzzy darkness washed across my vision. Stars burst before me, twinkling with reds and blues and yellows. “Georgia! I love you!”“Yes!” Daddy groaned, slamming his cock into me. “Love your sister. Your mother. Your aunt! You're all mine!”“Yours, Daddy!” I whimpered, trembling beneath the sucking assault of my fellow sex slaves.Georgia's tongue swirled around my clit before she tugged on my piercing with her teeth, pulling it from side to side. My eyes squeezed shut as such wonderful bliss flowed through me. My pussy convulsed so hard.“Cum in me, Daddy, please!” I moaned, not giving him a command. I couldn't do that. I could only beg. “Please, please, breed me! I want to have your daughter! I want to give birth to your next sex slave!”“Shit!” he grunted, pounding so hard into my orgasming snatch. My mom and aunt sucked even harder on my nipples. Their eyes stared up at me, glassy with desire. They wanted that, too. I could feel it. They wanted Georgia and me bred by our daddy. They wanted to witness their granddaughters serving their master like they did.My pussy writhed about my daddy's thrusting dick, so hungry for his incestuous cum to pump into my snatch and breed me. I wanted it so badly. My body heaved, Daddy's hands squeezing my small tits so hard as his sex slaves sucked on my nubs.Incestuous bliss assaulted me from so many different directions. Georgia moaned about my clit as she sucked on it, her tongue batting my piercing. My nipples throbbed in my mom's and Aunt Louisa's mouths. My screams burst from my throat.Then Daddy slammed into me. “Bess!”His cock erupted.“Take my seed, young lady! I want you bred!”“Yes, yes, yes!” I screamed, my most powerful orgasm exploding out of my cunt.My pussy milked my daddy's erupting cock. My hot flesh writhed about his dick, wringing out every drop of his spunk. My greedy cunt wanted it all. Wanted to be bred. Flashes of my future, pregnant self flowed through my mind, my hands holding my round belly swollen with my daddy's daughter.His future sex slave.“I love being your goddess-daughter and slave, Daddy!” I howled as the rapture slammed into my mind.“My beautiful goddess,” he growled into my ear as the final blast of his spunk flooded my cunt.My orgasm surged even harder at his words. The ecstasy slammed into my mind. Darkness swept across my vision. I plunged into a sea of incestuous bliss, carried there by my daddy's hard cock and my fellow sex slaves sucking mouths.I drifted through a never ending space of bliss. I hurtled through a dark void of incestuous ecstasy. I gasped and moaned and trembled. My body drank in so many sensations. I couldn't catalog them all. They consumed me. All thoughts vanished.I was merely a goddess writhing in the bliss of submission.A hand stroked me. So strong.Other hands caressed me. Loved me.Voices whispered around me.I felt something inside of me. Something change. Maybe it was all in my imagination, but... I was certain I could feel Daddy's sperm impregnating my egg, forming a daughter as I drifted through the rapture.My eyes fluttered open.I lay on the floor, my entire body aching and quivering from pain and rapture. My head lay on my daddy's lap. My mother, aunt, and half-sister knelt around me, stroking my body while Daddy caressed my forehead. My mom held a glass of water to my lips. I sipped it.“You were gone for a half-hour,” Aunt Louisa said, such an envious smile on her lips. “Mmm, I love hitting subspace. It's such a bliss.”“Yeah,” I croaked, trembling. I sipped more of the water, my body rising out of my stupor, my nanites numbing away the pain, healing my flesh. I smiled up at Daddy. “You bred me. You put a daughter in my belly. I can feel it. I don't know why, but I can.”“Of course you can,” he said. “The halo changed you. Made you something more than human.”“Made me your sex slave,” I purred, rubbing my cheek into his hand. “I love you, Daddy. I'm your little goddess-slave.”“Yes, you are,” he said, something almost like awe in his stern voice. He stroked my cheek. “I love you, young lady.”“We all do, sis,” Georgia said.My mom nodded and my aunt beamed at me.I shuddered, so glad I was a goddess owned by my father.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Deidre quivered, still in awe of her Goddess Bess surrendering her mind control powers to her father. The lesson rattled through her mind that sometimes power couldn't be trusted in anyone. Bess was a living example, a Goddess who gave up so much of her own control to enlighten the world.“You're amazing,” Deidre whispered to the screen as the Goddess recovered from her discipline surrounded by her family.“She is,” her husband, Robert, said. He stroked her hair, such a possessive gesture. His cum ran out of her pussy.She looked up at him, her heart feeling so tight as it increased its beat. “May I... May I be your wife again? And also... your slave?” As she trembled, waiting for his answer, Deidre realized she had to surrender her power to him. She ran the institute. She was his boss. She realized now why she cheated on him. To prove that she wasn't owned by him. That she was independent of him, a modern woman.But now... now she knew a woman should be owned. Bess taught her that. She now had to surrender her power to her master, to the man she loved.“Yes,” Robert answered.Deidre shuddered, so happy. She couldn't wait for the next God to be found, for the next deity to enlighten the world. Joy flowed through her as she lifted her head and let her husband, her master, claim her lips in a powerful kiss.Like her Goddess Bess, she was owned.The END


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